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HeidelbergCement has been active in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2000, when it acquired a majority stake in Tvornica cementa Kakanj, a cement plant in central Bosnia, and entered the ready-mixed concrete market. We have made significant investments into modernisation and environmental protection at the Kakanj plant, which now complies with all EU environmental standards.

Our?Kakanj cement plant, situated 50 km from the capital Sarajevo, produces various types of high-grade cement. Two cement terminals located in the two largest cities, Sarajevo and Banja Luka, and one cement terminal located in Tesanj, a region with fast-growing economy, ensure our strong presence in major urban areas. The cement produced by the Kakanj plant has been essential for constructing some of the nation's most important infrastructure and architectural projects.

HeidelbergCement has continuously expanded its ready-mixed concrete capacities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where ?six plants are now in operation. All plants are located in key urban centres of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while one mobile plant is currently engaged in the nation's largest infrastructure project, construction of the Corridor Vc motorway.

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