Baltic States

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The HeidelbergCement Group has been represented in the Baltic States since 2003 and operates cement, ready-mixed concrete, and aggregates plants.

Our subsidiary Kunda Nordic Tsement, located in northern Estonia about 100 km east of Tallinn, produces different types of cement. Nearly all cement consumption in Estonia is covered by the Kunda plant.

In Latvia, we operate one cement terminal in the capital city Riga. In Lithuania we have two cement terminals – in Kaunas and in Klaipeda.?

We operate five ready-mixed concrete plants in Estonia, two of which are located in the capital Tallinn, one in J?hvi, a town in north-eastern Estonia, one in P?rnu, a town on the west coast of Estonia, and one in S?revere, in the central part of the country. In addition, HeidelbergCement operates three ready-mixed concrete plants in the area of Riga and eight ready-mixed concrete plants in Lithuania. We have significant market shares in these countries.

Number of Plants

Cement terminals
Aggregates terminals
Ready-mixed concrete

(As of 2019)